Hey Tarck, help me start playing polo

okay I rescind


i won’t take pictures of you, snackie!

forget it, it’s too late!

this thread now includes me and indianapolis. we really don’t have access to ski poles. besides golf clubs are there any other suggestions? what about bamboo? i’ve heard of it being used but it sounds too light

we’ve got a mallet made out of pool stick

I just used conduit and abs plastic pipe, we had to do the same thing though: make a bunch of mallets and just start showing up. people took notice quick, newspaper article etc.
I most recently used a lacrosse shaft for a mallet. It’s a little short to use an attack pole, but if you get a goalie or d- pole you can cut em down. Look on ebay or some shit and buy em when they have dings/minor bends in them and cut em up.

just go to good will or salvation army, buy golf clubs, chop off the heads, drill some pvc and glue it on so you can actually start playing.

Don’t use PVC, get ABS instead, it’ll last a lot longer.

and won’t shatter

Bike polo doesn’t appear to be very fun, I’d rather ride my bike. It’s just a dam trend that ties in with being hip these days.

I planned on buying some ABS once I get paid. One of the polo sites with instructions has a link. I’m going to have to put this all on the backburner for a bit anyway since my original deadline of the first is clearly not happening. And thanks AI_ for the insightful comments. That’ll really help me get games started up here. Oh yea, gtfo of the thread if its on a subject you aren’t interested in.

this has got to be one of the stupidest comments i’ve read

It is probably a trend. I mean seriously, I have only done about 7000 miles worth of traveling to play in tournaments, pissed my girlfriend off more times than I can count, made some awesome friends in different cities all in the past year for this silly trend.

It’s going to die out pretty soon. I mean nobody (steelwool, profile, milwaukee) is even making polo specefic parts. So what is there to even pursue?

It’s not even worth it to compete. What could people possibly be giving away at polo tournaments? I saw this one time at a tournament these silly guys from canada who were pretty good at polo and did all this travel to get there and played a shit ton of awesome games and when they won the tournament the organizers tried to sucker them into custom Waterford frames. What a sham!

Some people even have it stuck in their heads that they can use their engeneering and machining skills to make mallet heads that take better shots! Can you believe it? Somebody better tell these guys that the money they made off me was out of sympathy.

This trend will die soon and when that day comes Al_ and I will be laughing at all of you. It is going to rule so hard.

not everything is about winning prizes. Do you only ride your bike when there’s the possibility of winning free shit or do you sometimes just do it for fun? I’m not sure why it’d matter if people make polo specific stuff or not. The sport has grown well enough with the DIY ethic. I’m not going to be apologetic for the trend of having fun on my bike.

Yeah, I find it fun to play polo. I don’t plan on winning anything ever. Just playing and having fun.

I don’t think that was his point about prizes. I believe he’s saying that its grown enough that its not going anywhere anytime soon.

this has got to be one of the stupidest comments i’ve read[/quote]

Close – in fact it’s THE stupidest thing ever posted on the internets, which is quite a feat.


My response was to Al.

The trend, hype, beast is not likely to die soon. You are very right about the DIY ethic of this sport/hobby/life (to some it is) and that is what has made it what it is today and what it is likely to become. I have the most fun when I am playing polo and I get the most frustrated when I am playing polo.

I am stoked that there are new cities interested in playing and starting up a group, espesially in Nashville because I think that is a rad town and now I have more incentive to come visit more often if there are people playing.

Im no expert on polo nor would I consider myself a veteran so take anything I say however you wish.

As everyone has already said .ca, hardcourtbikepolo, and legit bike polo are going to be some of your best resources. Have fun building mallets, it is an awesome time, it is kind of like building your sword to take into battle. Good luck finding ski poles, if they are really scarce and hard to thrift store people have used bamboo with great results. Get plenty of red franklin street hockey balls and guard them with your life. Try and find some place to play that is enclosed or has walls (roller hockey rink, fenced in tennis or basketball courts) as it keeps the ball in play and makes the game more fun. Plenty of people have had great luck working with their local parks and rec to get a spot designated.

Have fun have fun and have fun!

Does any one in RI play polo? I scored a beater bike off someones front yard. So i figured polo bike!!! That was quickly followed by heading to the ski shop and scoring a couple poles. Magically i had a couple of mallets! So my question is does any one already play in Providence? Or is it something we gota get going?..Ya the bike scene in prov sucks so i figure no one plays