Hip Pain

So, I keep ending up with a weird sensation/pain in my hip after more intense rides. In the front, slightly inward. My fit is pretty good all-around and I can’t figure out where to start searching for the culprit. Any suggestions?

do you mean here where your hip meets your pelvis?


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do you mean here where your hip meets your pelvis?[/quote]

That’s the spot.

it could be tight hip flexors, thats what i’m dealing with right now that and my right leg isnt as flexible as my left cuz i used to use it to lay sweet skidz for dayz

That would make a lot of sense. My flexibility is terrible. I’m stretching now, but haven’t been targeting that muscle.

Start doing hip openers.

[quote=zombie]That would make a lot of sense. My flexibility is terrible. I’m stretching now, but haven’t been targeting that muscle.


That is a good one. Also Put foot on a chair (say kitchen table size) foot of sore side on the ground and gently push pelvic area forward, you will feel the stretch easier to do then to describe. Also good old ice bath or all cold water soak 10-15 mins after longer rides. This worked for me recently. For like a month my hip was fucked up and keeping me up at night, but this combo helped it start improving immediately. don’t stretch pre ride

you stole my advice! (and you don’t listen to it!!!)

I learned this one from kung fu, and it translated very nicely into helping with hip issues from cycling.

I was on another board and started asking some stretching-related questions and everyone who responded just told me to do yoga. I was like “whatever, I don’t have time and money for that. Just show me some stretches plz.”

Then I started getting foot pain (daily, after riding, running or waking up) and some other small pain points so I took a yoga class. After one week (two classes) the foot pain was gone, and then after another couple weeks I stopped feeling even the beginnings of tightness. Also, since starting I’ve loosened my hamstrings considerably and had to raise all my saddles at least an inch. I guess that’s a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it–in my case my hamstrings were extremely tight and I was sitting pretty low on frames that were otherwise the right size. I’m not disciplined about stretching so the classes help me dedicate time for it.

I guess my point is that the nice thing about yoga is that you know you’re stretching EVERYTHING - so things that might become problems (or small problems you never noticed) go away. The kind of yoga I do is called Iyengar yoga btw. Supposedly good for “targeting” injuries or specific limitations.

Also, seeing hot yoga chicks in spandex is nice.

this is one of my favorite ways to stretch my hips.

zombie, i will go to yoga with you, if you would like.

If you’re like me, you need more rest. and try laying on your back with knees bent upward.

I think what we’re missing is a good ms paint drawing/gif by stever.

That’s the same type of discomfort I’ve experienced when I’m out riding. For me, it was more towards the inner portion of the groin if that makes sense.

The pain eventually went away by itself so I don’t have a solution for you. If it begins to impact your day to day life (e.g. making you walk funny), you should probably get it looked at before it becomes worse.

i have a tight hamstring due to a leg length discrepancy than tends to manifest itself where the femur hits the hip-bone more towards the groin. it really only shows up when i’m switching shit around on my bike and have the seat raised a mm or 2 to high for my left leg. saddle height is the bane of my existence. finally broke down and bought some cleat shims, which will probably make my spds non walkable, but whatever…


cold muscles


Dr. Emily says you should use a mirror and try to get on ur hands and knees with your feet pointed backwards. The mirror is because its important to line ur arms and legs up so that they’re 90 degrees with ur torso. Then you should push backwards with your arms and use your glutes or (some technical hip muscle) to stretch your hips. Think of it like trying to move your femur within the pelvic socket through a stretch.

Basically just get doggy style.

Or lay on your back and put a towel under your knee and try and pull this towel (u can bend ur knee) towards ur chest and be certain to prevent it from going inwards (like towards ur top tube). You should be resisting.

Or lay on ur side with ur bad leg up (ideally do it to both) and have ur bottom leg bent and top leg straight. Then keeping ur foot at 90 degrees raise your leg towards the ceiling (no more than 35-45 degrees high) It is important to keep ur leg perfectly aligned with ur body, MOST people will put it in front. And when u lift it squeeze ur glutes because thats what u should be using to lift it.

All of these of course are based on an internet diagnosis. Also note, she suspects ur problem is that ur using the inside of ur hip too much and the outside is no longer firing. ie ur glutes are too weak compared to ur hip muscle. This is common for cyclists because of the way they try to perfect their knee rotation (close to the TT).

questions… ask.