Hipsters with torches

Ive been getting more and and more into the French-y bike and wanna make the jump into a custom 650B rando rig on the budget. Are there are Portland or Detroit hipsters (sic) that can build such a bike without charging me $5,000?



maybe check with prolly

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california here we come
right back where we started from

I think I’m having a stroke.

yo blasedelf
got any insights on this gentleman trying to source a 650b rando rig?

[quote=Sneaky Viking]california here we come
right back where we started from[/quote]
i lul’d

Browsing the internet takes time, and as I’m sure you can appreciate time is money, so of course I cannot in good conscience pass on this knowledge gained through my effort for nothing. Similarly, I cannot allow your character to go unbuilt but instead must insist that you reap what you sow, and by sowing your hard-earned cash with the frency-rando-klub I’m sure you can see how your returns will be bountiful.

By that I mean send me $2k and I will tell you.

After you send the $2k I will send you the bike-design and frenchy-kit, which you then pass on to others. You have those other people give you $1k each before passing on the secret knowledge. Once you have passed it on then you will have the money you need, all through the simple power of knowledge.

The people who gained the secrets from you are now similarly empowered to benefit from this exclusive club, and so on ad infinitum.

woah…lotta hostility up in hee-uh. i should temper muh question by saying there’s a hint of sarcasm in the question.
please call muh by muh proper christian name.

And on a more serious note, I’m shopping for a custom, but open to giving a start up a chance. Otherwise, I think I’m ready to commission Franklin Cycles.

Fuck off.

[quote=Sneaky Viking]california here we come
right back where we started from[/quote]

650b sailboat to pdx

someone doesn’t know how tarck works.


no, i don’t think anyone in portland is building bicycle frames

Hey new guy,

We do not want to help you in the slightest bit.


All of tarck

Portland or Detroit?

Interesting combo.