Holy shit/Bike Shop lulz


That’s amazing.




A+ transition from boring tube talk to tube related lulz


Yeah this is the shit we come here for


I’ve got one more really good one, not tube related though.

Guy calls up and asks if I can help with his rear brake - he took the wheel out to fix a flat, put it back and the wheel was rubbing so he used a youtube video on hydraulic brakes to fix it (the old “loosen the caliper, slam down the brake lever, and tighten the caliper while holding the brake lever” trick). Says he fixed the rubbing but now his brake doesn’t really work. I say bring 'er on in. When dude shows up I take a look at his rear caliper and it’s full of mineral oil. Mineral oil on the rotor. Mineral oil on the caliper. Mineral oil on the pads. I ask him to show me which bolts he loosened to fix the rubbing.

He points towards the bleed port. Aww buddy.




I get that one 2-3 times a year. Thanks you tube!