Holyshit Swrve's Milwaukee Hoodie

I’ve been eying them for years and finally asked for one from my S.O. for the holidays. Damn is this thing NICE! I’ve been really looking for a good do-it-all cycling-friendly jacket and I finally feel like I’ve found it. Will still use my hi-vis raincoat for long rides / brevets but having a super functional jacket that I won’t mind wearing out / to work and that has a hood is going to be so much of a stoker. I told my wife to hide it until Christmas or else I’m going to be wearing it 24/7.

Have been very stoked on everything I’ve got from Swrve so far (knickers, windbreaker). This one is definitely shaping up to be my favorite though. Really jazzed.


I ordered one but it never showed up. Guess I missed the sale…

i ordered one and got an email saying ‘none left, website hiccup, refund impending’ (super paraphrased)

i dig their stuff. i hear the hood can be annoying and bad for peripheral vision, but after riding in my arcteryx gamma ar, i’d rather have the hood and not need it than be stuck without it and have rain dripping down the back of my neck.

the best purchase i’ve ever made

What kind (fabric) did you get?

  • a billion

i got one form the sales
i like it very much, except it has this odd smell that just won’t go away, anyone have any tips?

swrve: maker of nice jackets and horrible, tiny, shitty group buy tarck hats which they did a crappy job of delivering and fixing. REMEMBER LILHATGATE!!!


fuck swrve so hard.

I didn’t get that hat… And I love me hoodie

what was wrong with the hats?

Have you ever worn a cycling hat? Well judging from the hats they made us, Swrve has not. They they were too tiny for the majority of tarckers’ heads, and in terms of design completely distinct from anything resembling a functional cap.

Wah wah wah, the hats sucked. My hat was terribly small, but I also have a large head. It was $12, guys. Everything else they make has been nothing but wonderful and when I had to switch out a size from the last groupbuy they did do without hesitation.
I’m a Swrve whore.

One Less Swrve Whore

It’s one of the black label mid weight ones with DWR and a waterproof zipper. I am really stoked on it, the back is long without the higher front hem making it look so dorky. I’m bummed I missed the sale (by the time I got there my size was gone) but after checking them out at a lbs I knew they were gonna be perfect.

I too regularly enjoy my hoody.
I also love my knickers.
My only complaint is that the pockets in the knicks are made of some shitty flimsy fabric and almost all of them have torn after a couple years of daily use.
I had a tailor replace the pockets and now I’m good to go.

I just got one last week, so nice. I thought the mid weight was not going to be warm enough but I was wrong, with a good base layer its great

Yeah the fit is really nice, Swrve’s cut is trim but still allows for a nice midweight fleece layer underneath, which for around here will be enough for pretty much anything.

I don’t know if the hood has been redesigned for the most recent models, but I found it fits nicely over my Bern helmet and doesn’t seem like it’s going to hurt peripheral vision.

There’s a nice little zipper guard at the top of the zipper so it doesn’t dig into your chin when you’ve battened down the hatches. And the seal around the face (once you pull the drawstrings) is excellent, I think this will really be pretty darn waterproof.

And best of all, it seems like the pit zips aren’t going to bind up, something I’ve been aggravated about with some other jackets.

I need to find where my wife hid it so I can start using it. Been in the high 30s here in the mornings which is cold enough to make me wish I had it already :bear:

Yeah I’ve been using mine in the 10s and lower. I like the extra cuff on the inside of the sleeve to keep cold air out.

Oh another note my swrve jeans just came in the mail, I can’t wait to ride home in them.

I really dig mine. I got the Softshell 3000 version in the tarck group buy. I have worn it almost daily for two years. Aside from some chipping on the zipper and some cat hair that has semi-permanently fused to the “lining” it looks almost new.

It doesn’t afraid of rain, is comfortable over a huge temperature range and looks damn sharp off the bike. It’s my go-to jacket even if I’m not riding.