Hoodies suck while riding bicycles

Unless you don’t like being able to see behind you. Just thought you should know.

You need to perfect the glance under your armpit move.

never caused me issues.

The glance under the armpit never works while wearing hoodies for me either, with all the bunched up fabric from bag on back.

take the hood off of your head.

I wear the trackstar hoodie a lot when riding, and with the drawstrings pulled ever so slightly it works perfectly fine and doesn’t obscure my vision at all… I really wish they’d sell some more of them, it’s like the best hoodie I’ve ever worn for riding bikes

It’s all about pulling it up like half-way.
Just enough so it stays but not enough that it blocks your periph.

Hood no fit over helmet.

sounds more like you suck at wearing hoodies while riding bicycles.

I’m glad someone said it before me. Now I feel like less of a square.

I’m really excited because my friend is doing her thesis on fashion clothing for cyclists. She had this awesome hoodie concept where the hood functioned as a helmet. Something about flexible plastic plates and next generation foam.

My North Face fleece hoodie is the best hoodie EVAR! Longer sleeves, very slim functional pockets, light elastic on the sleeves and on the hood (which keeps the hood up, and snug around your head so it doesnt blow off and to keep air out), extra high zip, and a longer cut in the back. It is seriously my all time favorite sweatshirt.

you just need to get hoods that fit your head.
some hoods are bigger than others. some are hard to see around.

this shit keeps me warm. pull that string tight so it hugs your head.

OK, so I forgot to mention that I, too, shop at the dork store and wear a helmet. So, the hood don’t go on no dome whilst riding. And it blocks my view when I try to look back when it sits on top of my bag. It pretty much sucks.

No hoods here

The solution is obvious. Stop wearing a helmet, and pull your hood over your head like you ought to be doing. Pansy.

if you’re a strong rider you’ll tuck the hood under your bag while you’re riding.
that’s what i used to do when i mess’d back in the ninties.

Thanks for the advice, you’re a chill guy.

I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until a few posts down the page. I’m from a generation where you only used to hood when you’re cold. I had one hoodie for about 5 years used the hood infrequently. I was happy to have it there but felt no need to use it all the time. I never thought about wearing the hood while riding.

I think REI made one once that had a thin stretchy hood that was supposed to go under your helmet. My friend had one and it was cool.