houston taaaarck

hey guize anyone wanna ried bikes?

and by anyone i mean bandit, chaba, hanjin or middleclass?

When and where?

yeah i’m down! You gonna do the mass tomorrow?

are there any other rides going on around houston. i’ve recently started cycling again but don’t know many who do. is there a houston specific fg forum? mostly been posting on bf…

no houston specific. there’s also txfixed but it might as well be called austinfixed.

well hanjin is down, i’ma see if lucky is down too

and i think critical mass meets somewhere at tranquility park. somewhere there, iunno.

i hadn’t been to a critical mass in a long time–maybe ten months. then one night i went to visit my best friend at temple and spend a night at home. arrived at critical mass and saw one person i knew. i got really pissed when we rode down a pedestrian path and took an ultra long cobblestone street.

that was maybe ten months ago and i haven’t been back… at least until the pistadex drops way down.

I’m down.

bandit bring some tark stickers if got em. my offer still stands beer for stickers!!

Haha, I have yours set aside!


nice to meet everyone.

I was the guy on the old LOOK frame.

It was cool to meet everyone. I was the guy on the SE Draft.

nice meeting you james. and if cheshire was the one in the lonestar jersey then it was cool meeting you too. wish we coulda hung out more, kinda lost you by the end and we just ended up going to someone’s house. if you’re still down to do stuff after you move i’m still downtown at night after school.

oh and i’m a step closer to the tarck side.

I’m still drunk.

I don’t understand why I’m awake.

It was cool meeting you Look dude and SE dude. Hope you guys had a good time. I was the dude in the purple shirt with the green Kilo TT.

Great time last night. Lucky and James, you guys ROCK!! We really gotta race in the next alleyact, I know I met the guy in the lone star jersey. Next time we all gotta wear name tags that say “Hello I is from TarckBike.com and my real name is_______” But really great time for me and my brothers. I was the guy with the Fuji Track Pro, and now I’m off to wrap my drops. See you guys at the next C mass or alleycay.

did ya’ll still go get food afterwards? we were way too tired and couldn’t make it. next time we’ll go. it was cool seeing you again too. hopefully next time we can get moar people from here to go, and by moar i mean middleclass and chaba.

i’m off to work now. i’ma tell cole you said sup.

Nope we went home and crashed. I stopped by Sun and Ski this morning to pick up my Pista Mark was surprised to hear you rode with us. He said he might have to come out for the next ride. We should pick a day and just do a Tarck Bike Texas ride. Get as many of us (all 8-10) of us and hit a few watering holes in downtown. Didn’t Elliot say there was going to be a Sunday freestyle event coming up?

My brother in fail! What’s up, man![/quote]
Yeah, but no one made fun of him.

I’d be down for a pub crawl type of deal. I can’t remember much of what Elliot said. Except that he thought my name was Javier.

I took a pictar.

Double vision for drunk effect.

wow you are a master of photography