How long do your tubes/tires last?

How long do your tubes/tires last?
What kind of riding do you usually do: trails, streets, tricks?

Front tires last a long time for me, so I buy nice stuff and don’t sweat it. I’m riding a Schwalbe Stelvio up front that I’ve had since May I believe right now. Plenty of life left in it.

Rear tires it all depends. Right now I’ve had a Conti 4Season (it was free/used) in the rear that’s been holding up real nice, lately I have been doing almost zero skids and mostly skip stops or backpedaling. I think it’s been on there for 3 or 4 weeks, anyways depending on the tire it can last from one to eight weeks usually, and I’m not picky about what I run for the rear as long as it’s free. I’m a big fan of free tires in the back…

I put some cheap tires on it in February. Still there today. I don’t skid much at all and I’m not riding a ton anymore.

Conti Gatorskin in the back, Conti GP400 up front. That’s on my road bike which is my main ride. The gp4000 is fairly new but the gatorskin is at least a year old, has been on two bikes(one a brakeless fixed), and is still ticking.


Vittoria Zaffrio’s.
Since June.
Brakeless and trick sessions.

[quote=“FarAwayBoy”]Vittoria Zaffrio’s.
Since June.
Brakeless and trick sessions.[/quote]
what do you ride twice a month

yeah that’s crazy man. I worked on a zaffiro brakeless for a week (borrowed bike) and it was done by friday. Then again, I also go through an ultrasport every week (riding 8 hours a day and doing many emergency stops.)

you never know, he could weigh 110lb and ride exclusively on glass…

[quote=“tepr”][quote=“FarAwayBoy”]Vittoria Zaffrio’s.
Since June.
Brakeless and trick sessions.[/quote]
what do you ride twice a month[/quote]

I ride everyday.
I dunno, they’ve lasted that long, the back is getting close to it’s sell-by date but they’ve lasted this long.

I’ve been riding gator skinzz all summer, I ride with a brake and usually don’t skip stop unless necessary. I’m pretty sure they’re going to last quite a while.

conti ultra sport in the front, specialized all weather in the back, though I’ve been riding my road front wheel with a gatorskin on the front lately (my road has a pair of gatorskins)

My tubes last as long as I’m willing to patch them. I’ve only given up on one so far in a year of riding.

For tires, on my fixed gear my back gatorskin and front rubino pro have lasted 7+ months of riding. I always have ridden with a brake though and limit skips/ skids. On my road bike, I ride two gatorskins. I think they were on there for a year or so before I got the bike and they look fine still.

i’ve been riding a vittoria rubino on my front wheel since april and it’s still holding up fine. my roommate is riding my old wheelset with a rubino front that had seen over a year and a half of use and its still going strong. rear tire now is a conti ultra sport. i’ve had it on for about 4 days, i’ll give it another week maybe (it was used). i like riding maxxis refuse tires on the rear usually. they hold up well enough for a cheap tire, maybe a month and a half of daily riding brakeless and tricks.

[quote=“CeeGee”]My tubes last as long as I’m willing to patch them. I’ve only given up on one so far in a year of riding.

i have a tube on my mountain bike with about 20-25 patches on it, there’s actualy a patch overlapping another patch on that tube. :colbert:

my tires and tubes last until i do something stupid like slice my front tire straight through on a jagged piece of metal…


2-3 weeks of an ultrasport on the rear, i ride everyday and love to skid though, and ride no brakes.

I when through my rear gatorskin in 3 months…that’s what i get for having 3 skid spots i guess.

I rode a Gatorskin from March until mid-July, and it still probably had another month before it actually wore thin enough to be unsafe, but the tire had gotten so squared off that it was starting to just handle like shit. Put a lightly used Gatorskin (was a friend’s front training tire for a few hundred miles, but he found something nicer) on and now I remember what it’s like to really feel secure in a corner.

Gatorskin in front, too. Possibly overkill, but I never, ever flat. Seriously, I’ve gotten one flat in a year, and I ride everywhere, every day.

Just burned a hole in my rear gatorskin last night. It was about a month and a half old.