How long untill Zombie destroys his new BMC?

Here’s his blingin’ new Streetfire frame:

How long do you guys think this one’ll last?

This one will last forever.

Look again, Zombie. It’s already broken.

Before I vote…was it zombie who destroyed his concept with his knee?

That’s the one!

And he managed to total his fancy dura-ace mercer like three hours after getting it.

This one may last him a while. I don’t think that he will be riding as hard in the ballet slippers.

Those are spd slippers.

I only use those for freestyle walking.

did you really destroy both of those bikes (concept and dura-ace mercer) that fast?

Yeah, pretty much first and second ride, respectively.

Third time is a charm

Man that sucks : ( I’m sorry. did you get like, hit by a car or something? (aside from the knee-in-the-soft-aluminum, I heard that story).

It is a shame there isn’t “bike insurance” for that sort of thing.

But right after I crunched the Concept I replaced it with another and have been riding it every day, hard, without any issues. I just hit the ground a lot (I like to think it’s because I’m aggressive, and my bike handling skills aren’t quite pro peloton-caliber… just yet anyways.)