How much should I sell these for?

Suzue ProMax SB 32 spoke fix/free laced with 14/15 wheelsmith spokes to Campagnolo aero Seoul '88 Tubulars radially laced front, 3 cross rear 700 x 22 continental gator skins. Lightly used, no skid patches. Front tire has a flat.

Wanna ebay these jauns and I don’t have a good idea what they’re worth.

I put em on here but noone bit.

ebay will let you know what theyre worth. :bear:

You should sell them for $70 and to me because they sound perfect for tarck racing.

yeaaa ummm maybe a lil more?

OK OK $50 but I can’t go any lower.


Tubular rims is probably going to hurt the final price. They just cut down the bidding pool considerably. You might want to try looking at closed auctions for similar items to get a ball park figure. I have seen tubulars go for a low enough price that the seller would have been better off selling the hubs and rims separately, though. That said, it is ebay and all you need is two competitive knuckleheads to make a killing.

Yea I’m afraid of getting the shaft, but I really need cash for my cross check build up. I wish someone would just offer me 200 for 'em because thats all I need to finish. HINT HINT

look up all those components, add up what they cost, and knock off like 30%

shit iunno