HTX: Tarckmeet 10/10/08

bring out your NJS penis tattoos (man…actually that’s an awesome idea)
So…my best buddy’s birthday is this friday.

I’m gonna be over there later, but im definitely down for a little happy hour. If you guys wanted to join at the bar for that you’re more than welcome. He’s definitely tarck friendly. Chaba even used to know him :o

Either way, what’s the plan for the 10/10/08 tarckmeet?

i might not be riding. you guys should see my massive bruise. It’s as big as my fist. I had a bad accident on sunday. I’m a pretty reckless rider. This was another case of too much lean in the corner. At least I didn’t figure out my pro race 3 have a lot less traction in the park on the ms150 doing 50-60 mph down a hill into a corner.

I kinda miss my knobby tires now.

Hah, thread deleter.

I’m not sure what’s going on. Francis and I won’t get out until after 6 though.

[quote=“m4bandit”]Hah, thread deleter.

I’m not sure what’s going on. Francis and I won’t get out until after 6 though.[/quote]

do you REALLY have to see my bruise?

I didn’t want to post it in the first post.
I figure post 3 is okay.

ouch. its pretty bad. my hip pops a lot now.

damnit. I hope this doesn’t keep me from doing the “duthebear” duathlon in 2 weeks. :frowning:

You call that a bruise?

hahaha my bruise beats bandits!
but CheshireKat’s bruise rules. that thing is ugly. ouch!

is it neil’s birthday?! hahaa…just as long as it’s not graysons. :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah i will not be able to ride out on friday…but i’m down for some drinks.

awesome. This thread rules already!

Damn that is a nasty ass bruise.

Yeah, I know dude. I got it with some mean pedal bite. It’s cool, it’s healing up.

chaba used to know him?

holy shit anymore of this and we’ll need some ice in this bucket

Hey thar peoples, Jim’s the name and riding little kids bikes is my game. lol Hi my name is Jim. I live in houston like the rest of you in this thread do. I ride BMX bikes for fun and to escape my worries. I’m hoping to be getting a fixie soon as well. But who knows how long that’ll be haha. Okie dokie then I look forward to meeting some of ya’ll soon.

hi jim

i would like to learn bmx and currently ride pf:pe.

got any parts laying around? like a crankset?

oh and what side you stay at cuhz

ban him. we can’t afford another jim.

This only proves that people named Jim are attracted to naturally attracted to tarck.

I dont know what’s worse, that bruise or me passing you CheshireKat
(Yes, i’m talking shit…beat me at the fruit loops on Sunday and you’ll get to do this to me)

Welcome Jim!



I’m down for whatever. my first tarckmeet :smiley:

i might do this. i wanna get back onto my side of town by 10-11 because my friend is having something but i’ll ride past 6.

OP: are you suggesting that knobbies give you better traction on pavement, than a road slick?

my njs bruise comes from jamming my knee to my top tube for seated skidz.

and now it itches for some reason. i never figured out why some bruises itch. probably the ruptured blood vessels underneath or some shit. i’m not a fucking nurse. fuck you.