Hub measurements

So I’m going to order some SLX hubs and I would like to order spokes at the same time but neither QBP nor Shimano list any of the measurements of the hub on their site. If any one has these hubs lying at their shop or owns them, could you give me the measurements. Thanks.

Hubs in question

Damn, those dimensions aren’t anywhere. Just measure them when they come in. If you’re building mtb wheels, we probably have the right spoke length, since we have a fucking fuckton of spokes for building 26" wheels at the coop. If not, you’ll have to wait a week…

Amazing they don’t list that shit on QBP, though. It’s like they don’t want people building wheels with these hubs.

It’s only because they are new. Its a pretty safe bet you can take the specs off the XT centerlock hubs though. They can’t be but so different.