huge bikes

ITT post the tallest bike that is not a “tall bike” you have ever seen, because i just saw this beast on craigslist:

69 CM!

Can it be a mountain bike?

Lookit that monster.
Who could even ride that?

[quote=“FarAwayBoy”]Lookit that monster.
Who could even ride that?[/quote]

If you look at it, it’s basically a one-person tandem. Presumably that’s the only bike which could support Yao’s weight (300+ lbs).

that photo looks fake

Yao is tall, but he ain’t ten feet.

Sumo wrestler Konishiki had a custom bike made. It was hilariously big as well. I cant find a pic anywhere though.

The Yao photo is real.

I would buy that CL bike just to hang on my wall. Or ride with stilts.

Yeah, I’m kind of incredulous that you guys would think that’s a fake. Here’s the little blurb about it from the Gunnar website.

It looks like a fake, because Yao is literally twice as tall as that man.
That guy must be tiny.

27 pounds? Fucking nuts. I would have guessed more.

My fucking crosscheck weighs more with no paniers.

i didnt say it was fake, it just looks fake because that guy must be 5’ 3"

yeah, I think people underestimate how tall tall people are. YAO is FUCKING GIANT

I bet he has a little dick.

Big guys gotta be small somewhere

That’s just the frame, right?