Humorous photo thread

I’ll start:

Bikeboy avatar!!!

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]HA!
Bikeboy avatar!!![/quote]

Yes, you like BikeBoy?

I want to fuck him in the mouth.
No homo.

[quote=“FarAwayBoy”]I want to fuck him in the mouth.
No homo.[/quote]

FarAwayBoy likes BikeBoy

here’s when i got the privelege of taking the lane on a highway up a hill. the bike detour meant going the wrong way down the street = death sentence.

You win.

I love bikeboy but I hate his bike.

i hate his bike, but i love his tight anus.
no homo.

who’s bikeboy?

by the picture and the name it sounds like some gay porno.

it’d be gay anime if his name was ‘bikeboi’

I was about to link to the thread Bike Boy was mentioned in, but I forgot which one it was.

someone find it. i can’t.

Not sure how to link to a thread, but it’s from “Things That Are Passe in Tarck” – pages 8-9. Started with “Spokes” and moved on to “BikeBoy” and yes it was all my fault.

I need to find that movie.

Who’s Bikeboy? Why he’s only the best cycle courier in London.

I need to find that movie.[/quote]

I’ve got it. It was a birthday gift.

Well I’d ask you to run it over to me but we live a few thousand miles apart.

If I go visit my pal in Minneapolis I will be sure to bring BikeBoy with me.