Hydration packs.

What do y’all recommend? I have never owned or used one before.

I hear Osprey recommended frequently, but they have so many models that it’s hard to sort through.

Not a lot of storage necessary. Comfort and not moving around would be my priorities I guess.

gf has a raptor and likes it a lot. She lots of adjustments to stop it from moving around.

I have an old camelbak mule that has served me well for forever.
My wife has a newer one that holds the pack body away from you back with a mesh thing. Seems pretty nice, but she won’t let me use it lol.

Osprey stuff is great.

Small (1.5l): http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/endurance__trail_fitness/rev_1.5
Big (3l): http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/group/mens_1/raptor_series

They make bigger than the Raptor, but I don’t think you’d really want to ride with much more.

Camelbak MULE is the standard otherwise, it doesn’t have some of the cool features of Osprey and I don’t like the bite valve as much, but it’s available everywhere are frequently on sale.

ladyfriend has deuter which is super awesome (i’ve borrowed it).

i have a platypus, which has great musa bladder. no complaints about the bag, also great pricepoint.

I have an old camelbak ‘unbottle’ that I throw into whichever backpack is the appropriate size for what I’m doing, since all of mine have tube ports.

FWIW if you don’t like the bite valve design, but you like the pack and everything else, you can just remove the valve and push in Camelbak’s provided the ID of the tube is the same, and most are.

15 liters is the best size for all-purpose use, ATMO

Osprey stuff is great and their bladder is the best (Raptor or Syncro models are worth a look)

Deuter/Hydrapack/Camelbak stuff I’ve used is fine, but not anything special

The weirdo Shimano ones are weirdly terrible

Idunno 15 liters is a LOT

am sad to hear that, but not super surprised

did they fuck something up in the implementation, or is does the whole approach just not work?

Just avoid Source Hydration. They’re in with the Israeli military and in the past have advertised their stuff as battle tested.

+1 for platypus bladders.

I think there’s a missing decimal point there, probably means 1.5L?

I have a hydrapak Soquel in bright teal/green that I use for running/xc mtb

It has enough space for a 2 liter reservoir, pump, shock pump, multitool, co2s, a tube, and a few energy bars. Not enough space for any extra layers. I like the hydrapak bladders because they are easily reversed for cleaning. Good size for what I’m trying to carry, but def not a big day trek sort of thing.

Yeah I don’t even fill my 3L more than halfway most times.

i like platypus bladders the best. but the magnetic clip that osprey has is pretty cool.

just buy whatever is cheap/on sale dgaf.

osprey is great, have 2 of their backpacking packs. the cycling packs are a little on the portly side tho.

edit: make sure you get a bladder with a wide-mouth opening so you can stop at a gas station and fill it to the brim with ice, then add water for hours of icy water and a cool back.

Oh for fuck’s sake people. I meant 15 liters overall capacity, not water volume.

The Raptor is 14 liters. It is just right.

am sad to hear that, but not super surprised

did they fuck something up in the implementation, or is does the whole approach just not work?[/quote]

The cross-harness thing is just not for me. Materials and construction are fine.



I like the CamelBak LR models.


^ that’s a neat idea.