I came on spring

45º tomorrow
can I get a hell yeah?

40s most of next week and 47º forecasted for next friday. currently giving the cannondale a solid cleaning and installing fenders for springtime base miles machine.

you can get a hell yeah.

however: you best know there are still some weeks worth of winter hiding around some corner. it’s just a february thaw.

fuck off with your naysaying.

hey dudes i’m not sayin’ i’m just sayin’

Saw snowdrops last week HY. Crocuses and then cherry blossoms are right around the corner in Vancouver.

I moved my handlebars down a spacer.

On two of my bikes! Living in San Francisco, though, winter is no excuse for not riding. But I didn’t.

in b4 nate posts that: it’s 70 there and there’s perfect trails right out his back door and that he rode 5 hours of 2500 elevation loops

cali bro reporting in:

goin for a hike today on mount diablo. mostly sunny. highs in the mid 60s. WILL PACK SUNSCREEN.

u jelly?

in the 60’s till friday, then it drops into the mid 40’s for the weekend! hellll yeahhhhh!

riding to class and shit like whoa.
feel all first world inside myself.

the mountains of snow from the blizzard are all gone! but the lakefront trail is probably still really fucked up after all that.

Been 65-70 all week. Rode trails Friday morning. Gonna ride again sunday morning. Not looking forward to March. Usually it’s then we get to worst weather.