I Hate My B123s

Just took the Panasonic for it’s first decent length ride (I’ve been injured), and I can’t get over how crappy these bars are. Even with the modest amount of saddle-to-bar drop that I’m rocking, it’s just not a comfy situation. I’m going to try throwing 'em on a jacked up Pearl stem to see if that changes my mind at all, but I think I’m done with track drops for awhile.

I hated mine too. they looked awesome, but even with a POSITIVE RISE STEM I could not for the life of me stay comfortable for any length of time at all. I think they are just really truly made for track sprints, not riding around.

Also they pissed me off because i could not ride on top of them to give my back a break after awhile, because I felt totally out of control that way. I agree- leave track drops for the track.

yup… erase this thread and lets put em up on ebay…

my nads are too big for drops

I don’t mind mine. They can start to suck after 40+ miles or loooong descents but generally I like 'em.

^ co-signed. bullhorns for long rides. track drops when i get sick of my bullhorns (happens every once and awhile).

either way send them bars my way :colbert:

i find riding on the hoods of the b123aa is a really comfortable position. if i want to go extra fast i grab teh drops

same here. as long as it’s taped.

You mean the shoulders?

si senor.

tarckatina, you just hit 666 posts

Track drops for street riding are fucking stupid - end of story. Hell, track drops aren’t even that great on the track. There’s a reason why just about everyone uses regular road bars in racing. I switch back and forth, but I’m usually on my classic bend road bars.

But… but zen

i have some soma major taylors that i feel the same way about.

Sold mine. Steel bars for the suck.

It’s cause your stem and your seatpost don’t match. :bear: won’t let you be comfortable until you correct this grave mistarke.

from what i saw of your panasonic in the post your bike thread, i was thinking that your saddle to bar drop was anything but modest. a modest saddle to bar drop with track drops would be like 1-2", imo.

Shit, if that’s modest what is my 15"?

I’d say retarded. And awesome.

Major taylors aren’t nearly as deep as B123s.

[quote=“LoReeZy”]Shit, if that’s modest what is my 15"?


and when i said 1-2", i meant 1-2" from top of saddle to top of bars. the pic of zombie’s bike i saw was probably about 6" from top of saddle to top of bars…