i’m selling some various crap: purge edition

selling crap cuz i need less crap. will continúe to update. not sure what to charge for most of this. all is available for offer, but i put guesses down too.

source hip pack thing. 1.5l reservoir or something. orange. worn like 3 times. i think i paid $35 from b&h of all places. $offer+ship. $25+ship?

mission workshop vandal bag. i bought this a long time ago from someone here for like $200. purchased the waist strap as an add on. elastic is less than phenomenal and closure strap buckle is broken but still works. $offer+ship. $80+ship?
i’ll even try to clean it before i ship it!

brooks pure connect running shoes. size 9.5/43. i usually wear a 42 and they are short on me even with skinny socks. green AF. low low mileage. $offer+ship. $15+ship?
needs new laces (thanks louie cat)

bialetti 12 cup moka express. it’s aluminum. it’s got some miles on it. still good but we scored a stainless jawn that we also barely use. $offer+ship. $15+ship?

garmont hiking boots. i think flash gtx? great boots but i sized them for thin socks and my feet got fatter as the rest of me did. size 9, maybe shoulda got 9.5s. some splitting of fabric at the tongue but nothing a quick burn didn’t solve that thread would solve even better. otherwise in great shape- my eastern mountain sports aspirations of backpacking and cross country bike touring and camping 24/7 didn’t really pan out

$offer+ship- $15+ship?