I need help.

I haven’t ridden my bike in a few months, but I’m about to move to a new city and I’d like to make my bike better. It’s basically a stock Surly Steamroller. If you were to swap parts to improve ride quality and ascetics what would you recommend?

I probably have about a ±750 to spend.

You could get a pretty rad bike if you were to sell your steamroller + 750.


Also, what are your intentions for said bicycle?

Well I basically just want something I can use to ride around DC, because I won’t be able to have a car on campus. Comfort, practicality, and durability are my main concerns I guess.

And next time I have a ‘dumb question’ I’ll post it in that thread, but it’s too late to cry over spilt milk.

What don’t you like currently? If you don’t like the saddle, bars or pedals address those issue. Otherwise, I would be inclined to do nothing unless something wears out.

I would be inclined to not ride a Steamroller with $750 worth of parts around the bike theft mecca known as Washington DC.

Get a reliable beater with solid, non flashy parts and a good lock.

ascetics lol.

get a mountain bike

Try actually riding your bike and then figure it out yourself.

Also, always use 2 U-Locks when locking up on the street.

Ascetics or aesthetics? There’s a big difference.

Ascetics or aesthetics? There’s a big difference.[/quote]
Maybe he wants his bike to live a simple, chaste life.

Hahah I mean I’ve ridden my bike in the past. I’m just currently living in a place that it isn’t very practical. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make myself sound so uneducated and noobish. I was just looking for some opinions.

nah man, ascetic fixed gear riding is when the zen really happens.

Better/more locks, basket/rack, fenders, and brakes.

If it’s your one and only and you are carless make the most out of what you can.

get this bikeforums shit outta here

God damn. You are right. Can’t believe we fell for it again.

dumb question:
would you guys double lock in a little shithole town where most bikes have cable locks?
i have a brute for it right now, but can be a little paranoid. right now i don’t leave my bikes out that long.
also little college towns smell like poop.