I need some TIPS for SKIDS!

[quote=“tx_what_it_do”]44x16?!? i learned on stock 48x15 and i’m 200 pounds and very unfit.

your leading foot is easier. if you were to skateboard, the foot that would be towards the nose is essentially your forward foot, or tends to be. when skidding, wait till you get that forward foot up and pull up on it while pushing back with the rear foot. lean forward a bit.

oh and commit.[/quote]

Hmm. i’ll try doing that. I have been pulling with my right foot, making it the forward foot, but I’ll switch it up and see. I need to commit, but one problem is that when I do commit, but the cranks just pull me anyways. I’ll just practice I guess.

If your cranks are still giving you a lot of pull against your feet you probably just haven’t been unweighting your rear wheel enough. It is also easier to do it when you have a bit of speed, learning to skid while barely moving doesn’t seem to work too well. Seconding what tbird said, if you understand how to skip-stop, it’s a really small jump from doing that to pulling normal skids.

the most important thing to do is to PULL UP on that front foot. pulling up on that front foot seems to be the most important thing, because with it will lock up the back foot and remove weight from the rear tire. leaning forward helps too.

I’m starting to do it. I am getting the hang of it. I can do it about 30% of the time, so it’s an improvement. More practice on the grass would help!