I not good with wheel lacing, how did I end up here?

For sale on CL…

Is that your wheel or did you post for a lol?

Posting for lulz


valve stem? meh… My first attempt came out like that. Pump head goes on fine, the bigger issue is that I can’t see the hub logo through the valve hole.

So close. So close.

ok, i’ll bite

what’s wrong with it

all spokes should be one hole clockwise of where they are.

No. The valve stem should be one spoke counter-clockwise.

And the sticker should be moved about 2" to the left.

Doh! stop saying that! I have enough issues!


Whenever I build a rear wheel with one less or one more crosses on the NDS following Brandt’s recipe I end up with the valve hole between crosses.

I’ve learned to let go. (was very hard)

Close, dear Watson, close. Only the spokes on the right side, or the side closer to us, should be moved. It’s an easy mistake to make. When you flip the wheel, you should lace the trailing spokes as if they were the leading spokes.

^Ah! Further inspection of full sized image reveals that you are correct!

I’ve fucked up enough times to know where the mistakes happen.

I’ve done that… but they I’ve realized that something is horribly wrong and started over.

i’ve never had a problem, but have no idea why :). I think I just follow the chapter in ‘the bicycle wheel’ VERY closely each time.

Gerd Schraner’s “The Art of Wheelbuilding” has a spoking section that I think is clearer, easier to memorize and easier to execute than Jobst Brandt’s that yields the same results. “The Bicycle Wheel” is far superior to “The Art of Wheelbuilding” in all other regards, except for funny pictures and this one time where Gerd Schraner, in his sidebar on alternative lacing methods says, of wheelbuilders who build with twisted spoke patterns, “better they should be rolling spokes than rolling joints.”

I guess Gerd’s book is more colorful and hilarious while Jobst’s is much more informative and scientific. Read both.