I put riser bars on my track bike.

And a clamp-on front brake.

Let it be known.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

does not compute!



I don’t even know what to say :colbert:

i bought nitto flat bars from someone at school today. i made two new friends!

yea they’re pink re[color=#000000]ta[/color]rd


i was on vacation last week and the island’s bike shop has PURPLE ANODIZED flat bars for $10.
i almost bought all of them and sold them to all you douche pipes!

someone told me there’s an island bikes shop in houston. i want to go there.

I wanted something to get back and forth to the track with, without riding on my drops (I hate drop bars without levers for long rides, and this one’s around ten miles). So I’m leaving the drops and stem in the backroom at the Velodrome and using the risers + brake to get around town.

This is nice too, because now I don’t have to worry about having my only lock up bike be a handmade lightweight steel bike with full ten-speed Ultegra.

Hey someone told me to give this to you

Nah kidding. Drops without hoods are not fun at all for anything more then the length of a velodrome.

Did you cut them down? Grips… please please don’t tell me you are riding ouries. I will have a lot to rethink if you say yes…


Bullhorns dude. They’re the best for city. I did 45 miles today with them on, and do all long rides with them… comfy with the right cork.

I love riding bullhorns.

So much so that I put some on my car:

well i give you props for not riding br{e}akeless on teh streetz

Well, the risers and grips were free. I pulled them off a trashed Giant MTB that we were gifted after an accident.

I would probably use bullhorns if they were free, I have in the past. If I didn’t have to untape my moustache bars in order to use those, I might have gone that route, and I might still.

Sweeeeet. Feels good, ya?

i rode risers for about 3 days it sucked
too many hills and not enough hand positions
i don’t mind riding my crit bars on the bends
as if there were hoods
i’m breaklezzzzz with 70/11 so propszzz to me