i want build a new wheelset for my 24" bmx bike.

i want some help on color. it’s a bontrager and a part of me wants to run with the rasta red/yellow/green theme.

this isn’t a pic of my bike, but it’s pretty much the same except black fork/handlebar/stem, white seat

purple wheels go!

Jah Bless!
(it’s 2 rims for that price. they have some other 24" rims as well.)

i’m thinkin rasta front, and silver/black in the rear. i mostly want to do rasta because of all the times i stopped myself from doing bright/mismatcching colors on my bike.

it sounds like you’re stopping yourself from getting full-on irie for the rear right now, mon.

Come to the store I work at in Madison. We have boxes and boxes of NOS bmx wheels, mag and spoked, in all sizes and colors. Seriously I’m sick of tripping over the damn things.