I went for a ride today and here are some photos


Was riding home tonight. Crossing the James River means a protected but fairly narrow pedestrian/bike walkway. Two bikes/people can pass one another but it’s tight.

In the middle of the bridge I come up on a guy going real slow on a fully unlit bike. As I approach I slow to a crawl and as I’m deciding how soon I want to ring my bell and pass he abruptly stops and leans to the left. I just scoot around on the left and the hear him yell at me “you could have said something, asshole”.

Raised the bird and continued home.



Rode up some hills. Got dirty and tired.


I live in a valley so every ride is a climb. This is on the dry desert side looking at the snowy side.

Also my first ride with a GPS gadget, 2 hours of riding, 20 miles, with 2750’ of climbing. Big change from the high plains, where I was lucky to get 275’ of climbing.


Friday night brewery ride. Couldn’t convince anyone to join me. Their loss.


I’m confused are those the names of the beers or do you just write something down and they decide which would match. I really hope it’s the latter.

Beer names! The one on the far right was weirdly spicy, and when I asked about it they realized they hadn’t flushed the line switching over from some weird habanero stout. So I got a fifth taster! Buzzed MUP crushing ensued.


I’m kinda bummed. I’d like to try a place where I could write down things like grapefruit pine cone, smells like weed, Buffalo NY, and orange tic tac and get an assortment of beers.


Did a 90 km gravelfondo today. I was faking it big time from about half way but got through. 140 folks turned up for two courses. 2600 metres climbing in mine. Was probably more MTB than gravel but I recall some of the gnarlier trails back from XC racing in the area in the 90s. The 43 mm gravel kings were in their element today. Their turdly sidewalls were great amongst the big rocks. 38 teeth on the front and 46 on the back meant that only blown legs and loose surface effected my climbing. Someone built a Chaise Lounge out of corflute at the top of the last checkpoint.


They actually could have done that! There were probably 15-20 beers on tap, and most of them were pretty weird.

Not snowing in Portland – at least not yet – but it’s certainly cold enough for it.


I just realised that having adobe creative suite at work, means I can also use it on my personal PC at home… so I have been trying to learn Premiere, over the last few days. Unfortunately my actual footage was pretty arse, and for a large part of it there was dust all over the lens so I had to max out the contrast to salvage anything at all. It was a free event which seemed to pull in a ton of folks from the local CX, MTB and Bikepacking scenes. Its a gravel event, so by nature its pretty boring, but the terrain was very challenging with the climbs and rocky surface.


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I went shopping for di2 parts to repair and resell, and took my fancy new old lens (depth of field; ∞) along for the ride:


Doh. Must have killed that variant. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


22 mi, 21F, beer kind of stunk


footage could be a lot worse!
if you ever have any premiere questions hmu
i [reluctantly] use it every day

Thanks for that, I am at a very basic level, I assume I could do a lot by getting my initial GoPro settings optimised to start with? I have a buddy who does a good job so I can always ask him before I get to your level of expertise.