If you race road...

revisiting this thread… .

i cant really think of a time when ive been on a >50 mile ride and i had to stop to you-rhine-ate.

i am thinking this is probably because i have only done that in the summer, in texas, so i get rid of that through sweating. is this plausable?

I just rode the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride with a buddy of mine this last weekend, and didn’t have to pee once. We were on our bikes for a solid two hours, too. Maybe it was just the adrenaline or something.

Remember kids, you too can try this at home


I would say that if you are not urinating every 2 hours you are not drinking enough… By 2 hours you should have consumed 50+ oz’s of water

I was doing 100 mile training rides in aug. and would stop at least 2x and sometimes 3x in my 6 hour rides

OT, but not worth a new thread. i’ve been wondering this for a while: is it possible to reabsorb water from your bladder? i have started rides on hot days where i sort of have to pee, but keep riding instead, sweating a lot in the process, maybe drinking a full bottle, and then finally peeing after the ride, like 2 hours later. my experience tells me yes, but i’m not sure.

sorry for the run on sentence.

I would guess yes… I have noticed the same thing