If you're in Seattle...

Heads up if you’re in Seattle – the art museum has an Edward Hopper show up now through March 1 that includes “Six Day Bicycle Rider,” Hopper’s painting of the French rider Alfred Letourner at Madison Square Garden from 1937. The painting is in a private collection so it’s rare you get to see it on public display. I’ve always loved this painting in reproduction and was excited to see the original.

im jealous

sweet. nighthawks is one of my favorite paintings.

im actually gonna be in town this weekend, busy weekend but i might try to make it to that.

(ps paramount i’ll pm you later about that rack, not sure if i’ll have time to grab it from you or not)

Are they going to be showing Macaframa?

bandwitch why idd you change your name

bandwitch was made on the fly cause thats what i was listening to when i signed up

cap-cap or cap is what people call me

All my bike buddies are watching the Sixdayers right now. If I hadn’t been to denmark two times this week already i’d do it.

They’ll actually be projecting Macaframa right on top of the painting. Kind of an art meets street sort of thing.

I think DJ Calypso is going to be spinning the best in urban mashups and the whole event is sponsored by Scion and Mountain Dew.

Damn. I’m like 3 hours from Seattle right now. I wish I had the time.

I’ll be in seattle for a few days in mid feb, but I’m only going to have a few hours of unstructured time on a thursday night.

went to the SAM today. the exhibit was fucking busy and only saw a couple. missed this one