IKEA gives away bikes...

love the statement. but seriously look at the damn thing… the richest (or close to the richest) man in the world could have given out some better whips.


seems to be a pretty shitty bike

ikea i am disappoint. you’re bringing shame to my swedish heritage.
pay yo folks in phil woods or it didn’t happen.

weird they’re not selling a standard swedish townie bike:
Fenders, 38s, friction dynamo, igh, bell.

I guess they must have gotten a KILLER deal on these fuckers.
TBH it doesn’t look like ikea design at all, just colors.
Which is to say that the company has completely given up on form after this, Verdanagate.

looks like there will soon be approximately 12,400 shitty bikes for sale on craigslist soon

saw this across the hall… what a bunch of fucking turds.
way to add a bunch of tubes so you have all teh weight of full suspension with none of the…fuuu one piece cranks

I came here to post this.

They showed one with the fork installed backwards on the news… LOLOL

Free pair of Tarck socks to the first Tarcker to get a pic of themselves Natty Fabing on one of these wheeled turds.

Oh god I hope I win this one!

Appears to follow the design rule “If not broken, break it”. And make it suck a wittle more.

i would quit if they gave me a shitty bike like that.

and they will live the rest of their ‘challenged’ lives on Craigslist and Ebay.

I love how all the coverage so far has been pretty positive. Will any reputable news outlet say jack about how seriously shitty these bikes are? :dramacloud:

a shitty free bike that rolls is a free bike that rolls.

i mean, it’s no cannondale scalpel but they did give one to EVERY employee.

I guess. Should we all ponder what it would be like to be randomly given a walmart special?

shit’s begging for scraper bike treatment.

How in the fuck was anyone convinced to make 12,400 of those mentally deficient fucking frames?

They can’t have been special made for ikea, chances are the company just came into them.

fuck. why in the fuck couldn’t they have given them a euro city bike? I fucking hate these impostor bullshit american bikes.

First one donated to the bike collective Ima natty fab then drop out of a plane.