I'm not sure I would trust this trailer.


grammar. spelling. wow.

[quote]YOU CAN do in batter use then I!
Like Tempura?

Homemade trailers are awesome. My friend Andy built one and used it to haul around lumber for the crazy projects he was always doing. I think his roomate might have used it to move too.

i couldn’t take that add seriously. damn that was terrible

[quote=“Quinn8it”][quote]YOU CAN do in batter use then I!
Like Tempura?[/quote]

I’m pretty sure I helped that guy build that trailer with crap from my hardware store, and I’m not even kidding. Any time anything bike related comes through the door, I always get called over the radio to help. Even when it’s garbage like this.

In fact, I’m almost positive that it’s him. And he definitely spent more than $80 on all the stuff he bought to make it.

Poor guy.

[quote=“doofo”]ive been noticing people selling bikes by the pile on craigslist here

300 for some piles 500 for others[/quote]

I’d go do it, if there was enough desirable stuff in the pile.