impossible to run a double chain ring?

So ive been running the standard double chainring on my bike that came with the original geared 82 schwinn world sport. Ive had a shit ton of problems loosing the bolts that hold the back ring to the front chain ring, but recently solved that(or so I thought) by applying a grip of lock-tite. then yesterday I was sitting at a stop light for probably close to a couple minutes. I was trackstanding and it felt like my legs were a little shaky. the light turns green and i head out only to have the chain ring buckle and send me into this dank 180 slide. right in the middle of the intersection. this is what it looks like after i popped it off.

so my question is i guess is it possible to run a double chain ring conversion? Or is there just to much stress put on the chain ring when you ride fixed? i dont wanna go through changing the bracket and all of that because im getting a new frame in a few weeks. but until then i have to ride.

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