In approximately 9 months...

I will not be having a child,
but i will be embarking on this trip if all goes well!

anybody up for a leg, or offering a couch for me to crash on one night?
(that route isnt the one i will probably take exactly, but roughly for a distance extimate)

I don’t have a couch but if I am still here I will definitly share a burrito with you. If you come here on a monday you can come play some polo.

find a couch on the street somewhere then carry it to my place and you can sleep on it.

I will be doing the same route if I’m around. Otherwise my friends are doing that.

both are amazing. watch out for kitties.

I’ve got a queen sized air mattress, but you’ll probably want to go further before your first stop.

Edit - I forgot that Port Angeles is actually a ways away, and it looks like you aren’t really headed this direction anyways. Good luck.

Maybe I’ll meet you in the SF or somewhere and ride down to SD with you. Just a thought…

all of these suggestions are greatly appreciated!
kyle! please do, I was sort of counting on company for part of it, 30 days is a long time to spend with no one to talk to but my bike :slight_smile:

For sure. I’ve been wanting to do some tour-esque riding for some time now. Well suss out the details as the time draws nearer.

As far a couch…we’ll see where I’m living by then.

I’m kinda stoked about this, none of my friends can commit to bigass rides.

yeah man, i basically just finally bit the bullet and told myself I would do it.
someone gave me a touring bike with a rack and panniers, so i cant puss out on lack of equipment now.

Im actually in Santa Barbara after leaving from San Francisco on Sunday… Last 100 miles home to L.A. Tomorrow. This is my 4th time doing that section and I have done L.A. to San Diego once… that one was 165miles in a day and it nearly killed me!!! Let me know if you need any info on the route… I never camp so I cant help you there…

I’m sure I’ll hit you up, I’m sure by that end of the trip i will be doing 80+ mile days, my goal is to average 50 a day and finish in about 25 days, there are some pretty rough stretches near the top on 101, i drove the oregon part of 101 this summer and scoped it out. they ought to kick my ass into shape

West coast Tarckbike meet up FTW?

west coast tarck and destroy '09.
dig it.

Come to wednesday night races in santa barbara!

i’ve got a spare room in san diego (it’s my office, but there’s room with a pretty comfy couch). i can also help you enjoy yourself here.

Whoa there.

Oh shit, I thought I was the only San Diegan here… :colbert: :bear:

Oh shit, I thought I was the only San Diegan here… :colbert: :bear:[/quote]

Dude, what do you call a waffle on the beach… wait for it…


Anyway, might I suggest to frankstoneonline that you try to end in San Diego on the last friday of the month. Our critical masses are getting fucking huge. Like 1000+ easy.

When you make it down to Mendocino I’ll join up and ride with ya to Santa Cruz.