Interbike East!!!

So, any of the East Coast shoprats around here going to spend the next two days riding at Roger Williams Park? I can’t wait to ride the Hammerschmidt stuff from SRAM myself. anyone?


That Hammerschmidt looks crazy. Tell me what you think after you ride it.

Yeah, I’m really interested to hear some opinions.

Dear Noah,
Please live vicariously thru me.

Yeah, absolutely will do. The mechanic who runs SRAM neutral support has his office right across the street from the shop here and says that it’s eerie, being able to shift without pedaling or under heavy load. It’s going to spawn some awesome suspension designs for sure, what with not needing a front deraileur.

wait, wha? more info… please. i could answer yes. i dunno yet what?

nevermind, found this. … o_east.jsp


how many people going? is it going to be big?

Right here, homie

Dear Noah,

Give someone at SRAM a hug and a kiss on the cheek for me. Tell them I love my brifters.



Check out the riding videos:

Awesome riding.

That video just made me really want to go riding.
Thanks alot, asshole.

Anyone else notice that that site has tarckbear all the fuck over it?

Yes! i did.

Who is going? i might try to pop in wednesday, if someone lets me know how it is/was.

The Hammerschmidt crank was the only thing that really surprised me at the Vegas show.