Inverse/Reverse brake levers for small diameter bars

So I bought a pair of Nitto B601 promenade bars the other day. They’re great, but the ends are too small to fit the 19mm+ standard inverse brake levers. With regular mtb brake levers I lose out on a lot of room on the bar. I’m not sure what the ID is, it’s smaller than 19mm though. OD 22.2mm.

I’ve thought about drilling out the end of the bar, but I’m not really sure this is a great idea. I’ve been unsuccessful finding any options online, any suggestions?

Wondering if these would work:

I can’t really tell for sure… it looks like the cable would run out normally, like a typical mtb brake lever. If it does run backwards, than it’d be a good enough solution for me. A little uglier, but I can live with it. Anyone know? Guess I’ll email them.

Oh, and while we’re here. Is there a different between TT, reverse, and inverse levers? I hear them being called all of them and don’t know if there is a subtle difference.

Talking about these guys

The vernacular all means the same thing. However, some levers are internally routed while others are externally routed.

I worked with a guy who machined out a bar end to take bar-end shifters… it worked, but I think he had access to actual machining equipment.

You could use interrupters and run them backwards at the bar-end with the cable head in the lever end. That should work; I’ve seen it done on the bullhorn/bar-end shifter/brake lever combo set-up.

Or just buy the bars that fit those: ... uct=16-127

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