is it tarck?

cayne uno
lugged form off a 27" bike boom bike
aerospoke front
deepv rear


Pictures or its tarck.

Why is dutret posting this?

This isn’t the real dutret.


we saw it while wandering around downtown here and there was disagreement whether or not it was tarck.

it also had cut off risers with keirin grips.

out front of clocks(perhaps?) in athens if that helps anyone tell me how the owner used to mess and is a really strong rider or something.

There may or may not be pics.

Also it may be the whiskey but this seemed like a possibly amusing thread.

Sounds tarck to me.
And yes it must be the whiskey.

dutret drunk posts? you’re going to soften your image.

tarck fail perhaps? done so utterly wrong it can’t help but be semi-tarck?

gotta have pics to make that call.



actually I think it was probably a steamroller. I didn’t realize how much clearance they have with 23mm tires or that they had those absurd dropouts.

pretty sure the caynes have equally ridiculous dropouts, moreso than a steamroller.