Is it worth 350?

Hey guys,

My brother is buying a new track bike, he’s looking into this

He talked the guy down to 350, is it worth it?

This guy either has a really short commute or he’s bad at math.

Or maybe he’s lying.

Or maybe he only leaves his apartment once a month.

I probably wouldn’t pay over 300 for it, but that’s just me. It’s most likely worth the 350 that the guy is asking if it’s in like new condition.

$100 cheaper without brakes and freewheel? I’d do that, then just buy a separate front brake.

Seems like a go!
My boy in Boulder is getting this:

not a bad deal, but $300 would make me happier.

Thanks guys,

I think my brother is pretty set on it. The price is still being negotiated… so yeah. Thanks guys! I’ll get him to join and post pics if he decides to get it.