is this for real?

are makino framesets really going for 3k, not custom?

what the fuck? ... ts_id=4920

Just because they’re selling it, doesn’t mean anyone’s buying.

DUDE! you get the bottom bracket and headset… thats like $300, WHAT A DAEL!

I’ll sell you mine for $2,799.

Fuck people.

Interesting, it looks new. I wonder… Makino trying to cash in on the US new retail market? Ben’s Bike buying by the batch?

ill take it without the ourys for 2000 ben

it’s ben’s cycle so they’re really only about 1/3 of that


Seriously. I haven’t seen such attention to detail since the last time I looked at a $2000 custom waterford. Or a $1500 circle A

Or a $350 Kilo TT. Or a $2900 dick punch. Or an $XXXX Vanilla.

Anyone who drops 3 large on a non-custom deserves whatever they get.

Notice this, Ben’s Cycle: :colbert:


Ben, you make me sad :frowning:

Me Ben or Ben’s Ben?