ISO? lightweight disc wheelset

something sub 1500g. 12x100, 12x142

How much do u weigh
How much does your bike weigh
What is your budget

Under $600

You’re ok with used wheelsets?

Here are new ones:

Hunt alloy wheels can hit sub 1500 for <$600

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2nd on the hunt wheels. I got the $400 something gravel wheels. Good wheels and the folks seem good too.

When I ordered wheels for my gravel bike, they asked what axle was needed. I needed QR but I asked for 12mm TA to be somewhat future proof and they sent the adapters for no extra charge.


Tbh I think dude was looking for a lively conversation about stupid wheel shit and opinions

Like I’m sure his post on dentistforums has devolved into why Chris kings are the best and enve is the only choice for carbon wheels