Issues with PBK and ID theft?

I’ve been reading about people having issues lately with making purchases at UK bike shops like PBK and Wiggle and seeing credit card fraud on their statements afterwards. Anybody purchase from PBK lately and have problems? Thanks for the help.

I’m a regular customer at PBK and I’ve had zero problems. Also if you read the discussion on bikeforums, no one had actually had problems with them.

I think an occasional small surcharge appears on your statement when shopping with PBK, and it probably causes people to freak the fuck out. I have never had a problem with them.

damn. i JUST made an order with them. hope all goes well. im sure it will, but still.

also, ive ordered from them a long time ago, trouble free

Yeah, I got my card info stolen in February - I received a heavily accented call from some airline in India at 11:30 saying that my credit card had been declined, and thought nothing of it. Turned out that someone swiped my info from the processor that PBK uses in the UK, (not PBK itself) and tried to buy a plane ticket. Good: it didn’t go through. Bad: the bank didn’t bother to tell me that someone tried to charge something from England, and so I didn’t piece it together until my card was frozen a week later. Not a huge hassle, and I now have a backup card in case it happens again.

As a mutha f’in new bank employee, you should open a free checking account to buy shit online instead of using the one you count on for rent money.

happened to me after using priceline.

they made a bunch of little purchases that when cleared would have become more (or so the wachovia dude told me)

it was a hassle but props to wachovia for calling me 5 hours after it happened and automatically shutting down my debit.

since then i have been using way more cash when possible.

At first i thought this said “Issues with PBR and ID theft”