It's my birthday!! (not off-topic, promise)

So tomorrow’s my birthday and the girlfriend has already given me a kick-ass Molskine notebook with the triforce laser etched on it. But, she wants to get me something else. The budget is around a hundred dollars. So here are my choices so far, and I appreciate both the sincere and total jackass remarks:

Brook’s B-17 saddle - I’ve got an IRO stock saddle now, and it’s not too comfy even with cycling shorts on. I’m open to other saddle suggestions.

CETMA rack - don’t know if I need this, but damn it’d be cool. I haul everything in my seagull black bag, and I love it. I wouldn’t mind getting that off my back every now and then, and it’d be great to be able to pick up more beer at one time.

Bicycle repair stand - no clue what to get. I wouldn’t be against throwing a DIY stand together, so maybe I don’t need this.

Help me spend some birfday money!!

A stand is a great investment. I use mine every day.

how about a toolkit with everything you need in it? ... ry_ID=4218 ... ry_ID=4218

I’ve got a cheapo tool kit I picked up at Harbor Freight for 15 bucks that has quite a bit of tools in it, albeit somewhat crappy. If I need a specific tool, i buy it. I love handpicking specific tools for certain jobs. I’ve got a nice set of craftsman metric wrenches, some decent allen keys, and a few random Park tools. I’m good on tools. Has anyone else with an IRO saddle had problems with it? It’s just a generic looking saddle. Would an upgrade be in place?

I switched my IRO saddle the day I got it! no problem, just to much IRO… but I love my bike

I have a brooks imperial on it now and love it (replace the original replacement)

OOOOO!!! I want a Brooks Imperial! Are they ever gonna sell those? Have you tried any other Brooks? How’s your taint? Will you give it to me (the saddle, not the taint)?

I am having comfort issues, but I’ve never done the miles I’m doing now on any other saddle. I say miles like I’m going really far, but it’s just a 10 mile commute. I get sore even with cycle shorts on. Maybe I just need to wax my ass crack or something.

I’ve got a b17 that I got for free.
It’s hands down the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden.

That said, the repair stand is pretty damn great if you work on bikes alot. I can’t believe I went as long as I did wrestling with frames on the floor jesus, I’ll never do that shit again.

It all depends on what you do. If you wrench alot, get the stand. If you do alot of long rides, get the b17.

My B17 didn’t really come in to its own, comfort wise, until I put it on my Townie- With very little seat to bar drop. I was not crazy about it when it was on my IRO- But that frame is small and the drop is big… For what thats worth…

The true is I dont have any numbs (never did) I wanted since it was discounted/ prototype and was looking to get a B17 around the time of the offering. I really dont know what they are doing with them, I check out of the Brianform and havent left a review since

[quote=“doofo”]dont switch saddles unless you are having comfort issues plz

i think the rack would be fun but i dunno how those things handle[/quote]

Handling is fine, but it’s an extra 3 lbs on the bike, which is a drag sometimes.

I would suggest the CETMArack if you sprung for the one with the fence. That way you could throw your Seagull on it when it’s hot out. Maybe a different rack company that has a more basket-like design. idk I think that would be fun and classy.

nobody’s said it yet!?!?

carl… that’s cuz u crash every day!

i quit picking on carl last night.

My birthday is upon me and I have asked for the brooks b17, … 27&TID=367
I also asked for a rear rack and screenprinting inks.


But that’s just because I want one.

I think a workstand is more practical than a CETMA. I love my CETMA, but honestly it’s not often that I have something I absolutely need to carry on it.

Alright, I’m leaning towards the Brooks. Thanks for the link bold and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was looking at doing this for a stand ... air-Stand/

OK, I’m gonna get hammered now.
If anyone even knows where and lives near Fort Wayne, IN come out. I’m going hipster and wearing pink.