It's too late to go barck

Today I broke out my old Fuji ten speed and decided to ride after riding fixed exclusively since about february.
I could feel the dead spot that everyone always talks about being there with freewheeled bikes. At first I thought there was something wrong cause it felt like this little skip in my stroke like the chain was skipping. Then I realized it was normal.
And coasting felt alien. My legs kept wanting to turn.
Anyone else had a hard time switching back and forth?

tack on a number of years and it feels extra alien…

Ride a bunch of different bikes and it doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal.

But my fixed-gear’s my baby.
So I ride it more.

Whenever I ride my geared road bike I pretty much never stop pedaling. I even unnecessarily pedal through bunnyhops.

When I got my road bike at Christmas. My brother(a huge roadie - does races, works at a shop and all that crap) and I went out for a ride. He kept joking with me that it was OK for me to coast some. My response “But then the bike won’t love me and will throw me off!!”

I noticed that people who ride road bikes casually pedal a terribly smaller proportion of the time than we do…coasting down flat sections, slight hills, turns, etc etc. I’ve come to learn that the first few miles of warmup are intensely important if I want to ride any longer than that, but if you’re coasting most of that time…do you ever really warm up?

it sounds like the op has poor pedaling technique

Ya I too found warm up to be terribly important. I usually need a few miles of non stop spinning until I am ready to really ride.

I have to conciously force myself to stop pedaling to clear logs and shit when I ride singletrack. I ate it a couple of time that way.
But really, it’s no big deal. It’s good to be an all around rider.

The first time I rode a SS conversion after riding my bike fixed for a year, I couldnt believe the evident dead spot! Right where my legs were at 6 and 12, I could feel myself stop pedaling and it just paused! I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m NOT an all around cyclist… I dont own any other bikes than my fixed gear bike and I’ve only ever really ridden 20" BMX in my youth through today (I’m 33). I have horrible pedaling technique I’m sure but I can vouch for the “freewheel deadspot” coming from fixed gear.

Eh, I switch back and forth. I don’t notice the dead spot.

Sometimes I pick the geared bike just because I hate going descending fixed.

I really like being able to coast.

Sometimes I wish I could coast. Especially when going on rides with friends who coast a lot. It’s like all I hear is the “clack clack clack” of them coasting and I’m sitting there spinning away on a descent or something. They get to the end “I’m tired man” and I’m like “dude you’ve only pedaled like a quarter mile, the rest of the time it was coasting!”

I actually really enjoy going down steep hills fixed now. Just, having the bike force you into it’s cadence means you can speed up at any time instantly. If you’re coasting, there’s that awkward transition where you have to start spinning fast.

i haven’t noticed any dead spots when going back and forth. although i still catch myself trying to slow down using the pedals, only to whip my feet around backwards. i’m sure it looks really stupid.

A lot better than trying to coast while riding fixed.

I spend the first three or four miles of my 14-mile commute spinning in something like 39/25, until my legs warm up. I also don’t really stretch before I ride, so the spinning helps a lot.

go from fixed to a coaster brake… then back. crazy…


I don’t notice. I also love coasting. I like all my bikes. The fixed gear is wayyyy out numbered.