It's Totally An Ad, But It's SOOOO Well Done.



The description and the film itself were a well done but too long winded. They both could have been cut down to a third without losing anything.

but then you wouldn’t have seen the guy bust like 12 wheelies!!!

yep, way too many wheelies and skids. just riding would have been cooler

edit: white sunglasses frames? come on man, have some tact

yeah i thought that was pretty good/very well done

from the same guy

well done, but it will probably get taken down soon. it violates vimeo’s TOS…

at 3:03 he skids around a corner and goes right by her parked bike. Kind of ruins the ‘mirroring each other’s ride’ thing that they’re trying to pull off. Other than that, it was pretty good.

i think that actually kinda works. is the whole mirrored/opposite thing but then they meet in a total nonchalant way

I like how the guy keeps riding through broken glass, skidding and jumping off cliffs, and the girl rides through PUDDLES! Wow! Hutchinson tires are puncture resistant AND water proof!

Is this the modern equivalent of the Secret anti-perspirant commercial? “Hutchinson tires tough enough for a man, stylish enough for a woman, and you’ll stay dry all day (as long as you have fenders)”

It’s not an ad though, it’s just commissioned. I only buy Hutchinsons® cause ChainLove™

First half was a bit more exciting than the second half. When Alfred bombs through through the intersection and then the camera zooms out… cinematic beauty.

I lol’d

who the fuck else jumps off loading docks on their daily commute? i know i do all the time

I’d be too afraid of destroying my wheel and/or frame to do that.

I loved how amidst the chaos of the concrete jungle they created a private and peaceful psychological space as they traversed the streets. I found that even though they were both alone, they were both very much aware of each others presence.


[quote=“Cap-Cap”]from the same guy[/quote]

this one is hilarious