ITT: 29'ers? I want.

I’ve been looking into building up a 29’er. every time I ride a friend’s 29er I end up really really loving it so much more than my 26’er (except my long travel. that thing is supa cool)

So I’m looking at a Niner Air9 frame, rock shox Reba Race 100mm fork… I kinda want to do a semi weight weenie 1x9 setup on it…
in this color but hardtail :

Are there any other frames or things I should note before buying one?

I had my inseam measured today cuz LBS was doing fit stuff and teaching it.

I’m 5’9 with a 35 inch inseam…so I have really weird proportions.

lmao is your bellybutton between your nipples?

I wear size 32 length pants.

I’m talking about my actual inseam. From my taint to the floor.

your inseam is not the same as your pant inseam.


Air9 is a sick bike. Can’t go wrong with one.

I want an air9 so fucking bad.
Get one if you can afford it!

one more vote for the air9. FFFUUUUU

I can afford it if I sell my motorcycle. It’s up on craigslist right now! This city is too dangerous. After a few close calls with towtruck drivers running red lights (not fun to get hit by atmo) angry motorists, and a friend dying on a night that i was supposed to ride with him (I got a message from him on loopt telling me to come ride about an hour before…road debris on an overpass off the back of a truck hit him and sent him falling. Not his fault at all.) I just lost the passion to ride.
Most of my friends sold their bikes, and I don’t want my friends and family to worry. We have one of the highest motorcycle fatality rates in the country thanks to bad drivers and poorly conceived roads. :frowning:

I love the Air 9. I’m a skinny guy (140’ish during road season) and scandium seems like a cool thing to put in an alloy.

I love my 29er. I feel right on it. Although I have so many miles and memories with my 26er, it never felt right. The wheels always felt like they wanted to get out from under me. Although, I still can’t do all the crazy riding I feel way more confident on 29 inch wheels. I was able to keep up easy with my friends on their full squish bikes.

ss 29er ftw