ITT: Tarck disrupts global shipping.

We all want shit from different parts of the world and shipping sucks and is crazy expensive when you just need that one little part (looking at you down under tarckers).

Tarck is global, can we help each other out?

I want a $7 sticker from UK eBay, but shipping to the colonies is $28. Is there anyone who would forward this to me?

I also have a snowflake present that should have gone down under in 2019 but I dropped the ball on that one after a $60 shipping quote. Anyone in the states need to ship any thing to the marmite munchers?


i also owe a snowflake down under

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@Face if shipping to Germany is reasonable HMU. I can mail a sticker.


Cool, thanks!

I have two requests to bundle a package down under. Anyone else? Is there an Australian that can help at that end? Is this worth the effort?

i mean, i still need to buy/make a thing to begin with, but i’ll totally jump on if i can get my life together

This is not a requirement for entry.

True story.

Just ask me!

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I’ll happily help remail etc inside AU as needed. (Edit, in saying that, the primary recipient ought to be the one receiving the bulkiest/heaviest item to minimise the onforwarding costs)

And if @drwelby has a sw8 watch going that I covet it could go along for the trip.

@Eric_Estlund was chasing vintage Oz axe heads for a bit, so there might be a package going back to the US at some point also.


i think they call that ballast right?

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@Face have you tried contacting the sticker people?

No, why would I do that?

Cuz they will probably put some in an envelope and mail them to you for like $1 in postage.

If someone is organizing a box, hit me with details. I can scout for either vintage or new axe heads. I sort of put that on hold, but can gladly pick it up if we work it out.

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They’re English, and I don’t think they take dollars anyways.

This reminded I said I’d haul some stuff over for some of y’all when we came to the Amerizone. Sorry about that. We bought a house and things got crazy tight for a bit.

Happy to help with this once we’re back in Euroland, though with you having to pay VAT if you order something within Europe, I’m not sure you’ll actually save anything.


Worth a shot, eBay isa reprehensible experience for setting up shipping and if I were a dead-end seller I woulda been lazy and flat-rated everything long ago.