I've never purchased/replaced a fork for a bike and could use some help.

I’m trying to buy a fork for my Battaglin and found this on Ebay. I’m guessing that the steer tube hasn’t been cut but I’m still not sure that it will work. My head tube is freaking huge…about 8 1/4" from top to bottom. I asked the seller how long the steer tube is and I haven’t received an answer yet. Thanks for any help.


And if there’s a better place for me to post this rather than starting a new thread I can do that.



So now my question is this. Where the hell do I go for a good deal on a good fork with a 1" steer tube?

ebay. there are plenty of carbon forks floating around from various roadies.

Okay, I suppose I should just do some more independent research rather than mooch off your minds.

stupid questions thread.

You know, I almost did that in the first place. Probably a good idea.

keep what’s on there. it looks fine.

i remember there being a lugged steel 1" fork somewhere for <$100
but i dont remember. anyone know what im talking about?

I think the Soma with Tange tubing in black or white is in the $80 range with a 1" steerer (threadless with 300 mm steerer or threaded with 170 mm, 200 mm, or 230 mm steerer). I’m looking into the chrome one for a project I am working on - that sells for about $118 new.

I’m trying to find some reviews for IRD forks and I can’t find a thing. Their carbon forks seem reasonable and I like the like the look of the lugged ones. Anyone have experience?

This looks like it could be good. Again, can’t find reviews.


My advice is build the bike up completely, ride it for a bit, and if still think you need a new fork, then get one.

It’s easy to obsess over this kind of stuff. If I remember correctly you want to build this thing up full Campy. Maybe your money could be better used else where. Just a thought…

I do obsess over this stuff. I appreciate the reality check.

I already bought carbon fiber Campy Chorus brifters for 125.00. Once I go home and sell off my old road bike I’m going to complete this one. I’ll only have three bikes at that point…the La Cruz, Battaglin and a Fuji townie. I’m selling off other things that I don’t need in order to afford it. I could spend my money more wisely but I justify it by not drinking or smoking cigarettes. Instead, I spend my money on bikes and food…and records…and rent.

I really like having nice bikes because I love to ride, and when your bike is nice you want to ride it.

I’ll chill on the fork, but I must replace the headset…

Thanks for saying that.

Alpha-Q CS20 around $220.

for 1" you might have some good used options cuz rare. although being a huge headtube guy does complicate things.

here, three 1" carbon forks with 200+mm steerers, no idea how good/bad any specific one is.


fwiw i got an ouzo pro for 30 bucks locally, although i’m sure it was way cheap because the steerer was just enough for my 50cm frame with one spacer.

what’s the rake? i’d advise trying to replace with something close, unless you want to change handling.

I’ve never ridden the bike so I have no idea. I don’t even know how to measure the rake. These are the things I need to know. Will learn tomorrow.

I think the best 1" fork is probably an Easton EA90. I wouldn’t worry too much about rake, with road bikes they’re all within a few degrees and changing that doesn’t amount to a huge difference in handling. I also probably wouldn’t worry about a new fork until you’re sure you like the bike and all that.

I agree. I’m glad I have this page to resort to when it comes time to get a fork though.

I never go to the Serotta forum…probably shouldn’t.