Jackass eBay/Craigslist Turn Sandwich of the day



“Whyte industries”


102.5x10 mm? Is this an entirely new hub standard?!!



Edit: was laughing at Whyte Industries



[quote]Just bought an engine for my bicycle and I’m not very mechanically inclined so I’d like to hire someone to help set it up and get it running. Food drink and 420 provided during assembly.

Payment is negotiable, name your price and experience level

Ps. Can’t pay a whole lot but I am queer and open minded

I was looking for bike-related side jobs and found this. apparently this guy will blow you if you install his bike motor engine.





This could have been such a nice bike, and it can still be rescued, but why the fuck are you going to go out of the way to kludge a quill on that bike?!

(that being said, I’d trade frame-for-frame this bike for my grando anyday.)


I always get so sad seeing a quill stem on a Stag


Oh god a whole group of geezers went and kludged quills onto those bikes because they’re old riv-cult idiots.


They should have gotten grandos if they wanted quill stems, whereas I actually wanted a stag, but ended up with a grando because there weren’t any stags available.

Not that there is anything wrong with the grando, it’s a great fopchariot, rides very well, is pretty, and makes me happy (except for the quill). This whole “quill stem shoved into a threadless steerer” thing really pisses me off though.



Local rando has a stag with a berthoud on a 0setback thompson and 2 fists of steerer with a 90mm Thompson

I tried to take a discreet photo but I couldnt


Did you guys ever see how long the Stag’s steerer was when it arrived?


basically that was the nordavinden, too. I had about enough to fill it with bbs and use it as a nazi greeter.


[quote=Andrew_Squirrel]Did you guys ever see how long the Stag’s steerer was when it arrived?

That’s every frame, though. One of the great things about threadless for manufacturers is that they only have to put one size of steerer tube on the fork.


Ah, good to know. This was my first ever new bike so I had never before seen such a long, hard, uncut tube. I remember blushing as I unwrapped it.









how would one even fuck up a fork like that?


Probably by jumping it.


huck to flat