Jackass eBay/Craigslist Turn Sandwich of the day


My friend has an old Crosstrail that he clapped out the fork on in the very same way by doing hella wheelies.


I’ve done that to a hi ten fork doing this.


Oh yeah, no shit

Obviously I don’t get nearly rad enough


Almost none of us get rad anymore.


'cept for 5" drops to flat with quill pedals, of course


Of course.



always good to see:

[quote]Rock solid bike with typical cosmetic damage


i especially like that they seem to have ground the welds smooth, except for the one between the original gusset and the new one, maybe it was welded more than once, maybe it will last an indeterminate amount of time before failing again?


Thing is, the guy actually has like $500 worth of parts there, if he just first throws away that dangerous piece of shit.


I’m all for owning and riding a repair like that but it kinda seems obvious that you can’t ever sell it. Only give it away with full disclosure. If they just said $500 for these parts plus a free bike frame that might be safe but its your call, that would be different.




how can that rack possibly support any weight?


Not JA, but hey! It’s my old Cannondale! Elliot, is this you selling it?


appears to be around his neck of the woods


Yeah, I also found his orange Kelly Knobby up for sale.


Yep both mine. Thinning the heard a bit. Well, making room for new stuff. Kelly is too big and Cdale is too small. Willing to give brodeals for tarckbros. I’m going to make a very overwhelming thread here eventually.


Oh man, that Kelly is sweet.


Glad it is too big for him, so I know it will be for me, too.