Jackass eBay/Craigslist Turn Sandwich of the day


That guy copy and pasted that response over to me. I fished some snark back to him. Can’t wait to see what he says next! He’ll probably just send me the same paragraph again.


Wow he got back to me.

“LOMAF! This ones not for you man, move on. It’s quite rude and disrespectful to low ball and down grade people’s shit. And it’s actually not a run of the mill Cannondale. The example you sent me is not even the same bike, so you don’t know bikes. You’re super funny though man!”

LOMAF! Laughing on my ass falling?


Low Offer - Mad As Fuck?
Look Out! Mindless Automaton Forward?
Lousy Overpriced Machine Auction Failed?


Lousy Overpriced Machine Auction Failed[/quote]


Low Order Man Acting Funny?
Look Out! Mad Auctioner Freaks?
Laughing Over Man’s Artisanal Fuckery?


Moots YBB Gravel Bike - 18-in - $1900


More so than ruining the geometry with that fork I want to know who welded that brake tab on. If he sent it back to moots he should say so, if he didnt…well he should fucking say so. I really would not fuck with some titanium tinkered with by some hobbyist.


Lmao didn’t even notice the kitchen wizard disc tab job


That’s clearly a rim-brake 26" MTB right?


[quote=oogens]Moots YBB Gravel Bike - 18-in - $1900

Keep on Tarckin’ seal of :colbert:

Keep On Tarckin’ by Andrew Squirrel, on Flickr


I never knew drillium Deep Vs were a thing:


Those were everywhere in tokyo a couple of years ago. absolutely wouldn’t. didn’t check what brand they were.


I wanted those brake levers so hard as a kid.



These wheels suck, but they’re from JAPAN. That will be $350.


Aero armrest tandem stoker $400 BIN


Aero bum bars?


Bar ends?


it would only work bum-bar style because you have to get your forearms around the captain’s hips

the handlebar looks like a Specialized-branded Nitto version of the 3TTT Biomorphe (“the Liberace of gay handlebars”)

he’s selling those NOS too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Specialized-Nitto-Mod-V-Pistol-Grip-Drop-Handlebar-44cm-Japan-25-4-New-NOS-NIW/272133971873

the barends are bored to 23.8mm instead of 22.2, and the stem is for a 25mm seatpost?


listing is for the wheels, but hey, this shit is GARBAGE