Jackass eBay/Craigslist Turn Sandwich of the day


Everyone remember the Pistadex from bikesnob days? Well I think we have the klunkerdex.



I feel like klunkers snuck up on me. When did they become in vogue?


Blame Prolly.


Finally we got a new page so I don’t have to look at that shingy thing every time to page loads.


Klunkers so hot right now


I mean they seem fun but only if you didn’t spend any money on it


A fancy custom rehash of a bike that was originally thrown together out of spare parts and garage-modded by amateurs is 100% not cool.


It reeks of driving a rally car off the lot


that bike’s been up on cl for months. Bay area people don’t seem to have any idea what old steel is worth.


I thought klunkers had their rebirth a few years ago with that Fisher Sawyer. No one cared then and no one will care now.


Tc: always wanted one of those


would definitely buy and ride a coaster brake klunker for $75 or less


I took notice of klunkers coming back into fashion a couple years after the movie came out in 2006. The direction and intensity in which the trend is growing kinda baffles me.
It reminds me of the monstercross thing taking off around the same time which has now turned into gravel/adventure stuff.

Whatever, bikes are fun.


Didn’t transition do a cheap one a few years ago? Def not a 2017 thing. I mean, overpriced ‘custom’ klunkers could be, but let’s be the hipsters we are, and say that is so 2015.


the transition klunker was a pretty cool looking $500 bike that rode like doggy poo. kinda interested in a klunker looking bike that rides like a modern bike should, but at that point might as well just make a bike that rides well without the frill.

the owner of the shop I used to work at (RIP) loved the things and put on a wheelie contest at dirt fest a few years ago… prolly the only acceptable use for that bike. also cameo at 0:08.


Also, Retrotec has been making klunker inspired frames for ever.


Seems like the Kona Humu bubbles up every few years with weird cruiser bars. I remember occasionally running across different Electra models at garage sales that, with some imagination, could make fun klunker/bar bikes.



Transition made klunkin hot with Lars’N’Bars back in -11… NAH BS is way way way behind.

Lars N Bars gets Klunking from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.