Jackass eBay/Craigslist Turn Sandwich of the day


there’s not much resistance on an actual bike. Leverage is perpendicular to the steering axis–this is why you don’t veer into the bushes every time you get up to sprint.


that’s cool and all but i never want to go to burning man


I understand how bicycles work.


I understand how bicycles work.[/quote]


Apparently I’m the one who doesn’t understand how bicycles work.


As seen on prison island facebook buy and trade page “Brooks C17 Carved saddle and Raidoverks Demiporteur rack not included in the sale.”

Uhh I don’t think they know how to install that rack


that’s an expensive fucking surly.


“$2,750 AUD = $2,052.86
Group is a mix of SRAM Force and Rival, 42t chainring and 11-36 cassette.
Hope headset, handbuilt wheels and skewers.
Compass Babyshoe Pass 650bx42 Extralight tyres.
Thomson post and stem. Salsa cowbell bars. Cinelli camo tape.
MKS Lambda pedals (not pictured)”

Pretty reasonable for down under prices


eh it’s kinda making the best of it

the stock struts are several inches short of any lowrider mounts

and using the side of crown mounts does fill the giant visual gap between platform and tire


Another SeanDesign™️


I’m amazed that anyone could ride a Cambium with a zero-setback 'post. Shit, even with a reasonably slack STA and setback post I can’t get it where I want it.


Why tho


username checks out


Ho lee fook


Why is the most offensive thing to me about that the slammed saddle?


[quote=plop]Why tho


why are the shifters there???