Judge Thredd: Bikes and the Law

I thought the subject of bikes and the law might be an interesting topic to bounce up and down the forums occasionally.

For starters, brakeless fixed gears may now be allowable in Columbus, OH.

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no one cares.

I care.

No one cares about how laws affect bikes? Sounds unlikely?

nobody cares that some d bag riding his semi-dangerous bike got called out on it by the police and managed to wiggle out of a ticket.

about ohio


about ohio[/quote]


about ohio[/quote]

I used to get it in Ohio.

No one cares about how laws affect bikes? Sounds unlikely?[/quote]

brianforums if you care

I think brakeless should be allowed. I had thought it was reckless and stupid before but now I know (from firsthand experience) that it works, and works well. People haven’t been causing accidents as a result of riding brakeless (and I’m sure someone’s going to have an anecdote here right?), until they do I think pursuing these kids is a waste of the Judicial system’s time and money.

I think that prosecuting brakeless riders is a huge waste of time, but I also don’t think that other people should be held accountable when stupid people screw up while they’re doing stupid things. So I don’t really know where to stand on the issue, and I also don’t really care enough to come up with an opinion.

Well, if you crash because brakeless, you should get cited for “failure to control vehicle”. That would, you know, make sense!

I don’t really care what they call it, as long as the victim gets compensated.

Eh, the victim can take it up in civil court.

I’d really rather my tax dollars didn’t go towards enforcement of stupid laws.

We’re agreeing again.

And Jesus Christ, I just read my original post and it’s freaking horrible. I need to quit multitasking.

when freedom is outlawed, only brakless fixie riders will be free

Happiness is a warm brakeless fixie.

liz hatch makes my wiener happy