just a thought ( CX dude brahs)

  1. buy clapped out mavic aksium wheels

  2. buy velocity a23s

  3. 14mm nipples

  4. profit ???

you wanna do mult falls on wedn or fri next week?

friday is best, coz skuel.

Why even bother?

thats the spirit

[quote=white folks]1) buy clapped out mavic aksium wheels

  1. buy velocity a23s

  2. 14mm nipples

  3. profit ???[/quote]

To what end?


Aksium hubs are doo-doo.

buying the aksiums and velocitys is a waste of time. if you already have them and the spokes and the hoops on the mavics are completely wasted then maybe… if your really bored and dont have another spare hub in the world. but its still a waste of time.

…says the guy that cut a nice superbe hub out of an old campy box section rim to put a coaster brake hub in there.

this is all anyone had to say

you’re welcome. haha.

:frowning: 'sall good i was just wondering wat to do with 'em its a moot point now, cole bought the front wheel.
i got the rear and the new sram 1070 cassette though :stuck_out_tongue: